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We currently have 2 vacancies available.

  • IT Manager
  • Graphic/Web Developer

For descriptions please head over to Vacancies or email us at HR@Famous.co.za for more information.

New Website!
We are pleased to announce that our new website is currently in Development, Should you have any queries relating to the website feel free to email us at: IT@Famous.co.za


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Please note that we have unfortunately been targeted by a group of con-artists we believe are based in Cameroon. We implore all visitors to take note of the following:

These imposters operate under the names: "Famous Pacific Shipping Pet Services" or "Famous Pacific Shipping Delivery Services" and are not affiliated with Famous Pacific Shipping South Africa or the Famous Pacific Shipping Group in any way.

We strongly advise that no payments are made to them and that you keep and forward all documentation to us as we have already taken steps to resolve this matter.
You may send any information that you have regarding this matter to IT@Famous.co.za or contact Ben at our Durban Head Office on 031 312 7345

Famous Pacific Shipping South Africa is an international freight forwarder and NVOCC, handling all facets of import and export of international cargo, including clearing and forwarding of air and sea freight.

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